SDS Lumber Company Plywood Products

In an effort to diversify log use and product mix, SDS began manufacturing veneer and plywood in 1956. SDS manufactures some of the highest quality plywood panels available in the marketplace. All of our plywood products meet or exceed quality standards set by the APA- The Engineered WoodAssociation.

Plywood is manufactured from thin sheets of cross-laminated veneer that are bonded under heat and pressure with strong adhesives. Plywood panels vary according to thickness and grade. Higher quality panels have less surface imperfections and thus have greater structural integrity and a smoother, finished appearance. Unlike alternative panel products, the solid core and cross-laminated structure make an ideal building product for situations where warping or damage from moisture is a concern. By design, plywood has superior strength ratios than alternative panels and is environmentally preferred for it uses less gluing resins compared to other panel products. SDS’ sheathing grade panels are popular for more standard construction applications such as in the home building industry.

Diamond Fruit Growers, Inc, Winner of the "oldest plywood harvest bin" contest

Diamond Fruit Growers, Inc, Winner of the “oldest plywood harvest bin” contest

In 1996, the American Plywood Association (APA) set out to document the strength and durability of plywood panels. Using plywood fruit harvest bins as one of its measuring tools, the APA identified Diamond Fruit Growers, of Hood River, Oregon, as having the oldest fruit bins still in use. SDS proudly manufactured these award winning, 37 year- old bins in 1959.

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