About the SDS Lumber Company

For over 75 years, SDS Lumber Company has focused on excellence in both wood production and customer service. Our timber comes from various sources, all of which is grown on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, where trees grow slower with finer grains ideal for high grade lumber and plywood. To ensure quality, SDS oversees production every step of the way, from harvesting the raw material to packaging and shipping the finished product. Once logs reach the mill we rely on our competent work force and state of the art technology and equipment to produce the finest wood products available. Our commitment to the long- term health of our business continues to ensure our success. We utilize technology to enhance production and minimize waste, and recycle every ounce of raw material, including the bark which fuels our biomass plant and the manufacturing facilities. With our convenient location on the Columbia River, SDS’ diversified operations include a marine division providing tugboat services.

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